A GMP compliance manufacturing site

Established in 2006, and started into steam by the end of 2008; Occupation area: 46,300 m2; floor space: 33,597 m2; Total Employees: 180; Experienced in commercializing biocatalysis process.

Production cabability and capacity

Chemical production units:

165 reactors (50L~5000L)

Temperature range: -15°C to 220°C

Pressure range (Hydrogenation reactor): <100 kgf/cm2

Waste water: 300 ton/d; Waste gas: 15,000 m3/h by RTO

Have well organized QA/ QC system, all the employees were well trained about the GMP guideline. Got the GMP certificate issued by CFDA in 2015

Fermentation units:

Capacity 150 M3 (200 L to 30 M3 fermenters)

One dedicated extraction/purification workshop:Homogenizer, Pressure Filter,  Centrifuge, Vacuum dryer etc.

Cold room: 50 M3 (2-8°C)

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1299 Ziyue Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, 200241, P.R.China